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Charleston, sc Community Centered non-profit for Youth + Adults

Earth Heart Growers

Earth Heart Growers (EHG), a 501(c)3 community centered non-profit organization and a force in the movement to renature our next generation youth. In participating schools, we introduce garden education, culinary and baking instruction, and business training through the children’s management of an in-school Kids’ Market and Healthy Basket - Produce Delivery Program (CSA). EHG curriculum compliments the existing educational system by meeting South Carolina standards with hands-on, outdoor learning opportunities that provide a re-immersion into the natural world. Our programs prepare children for a challenging social and financial landscape by providing home education, in/after-school programs, teaching our children to self-sustain in the future.

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earth heart growers programs

& After-School

Earth Heart Growers recognizes the importance of educating our Title-1 students and families in how to grow their own food, as well as creating a learning space to teach the students and families how to nourish their bodies, through promoting physical health and supporting their intellectual development. In addition, EHG helps the students to become active members of our community and our local farms, therefore contributing to the health of the greater Charleston.


family dinner with garden grown produce


school-to-farm field trips with joseph fields organic farm


build a garden school + community programs


students learn science in outdoor classroom


mindful seed: youth yoga. meditation. + Mindfulness based education programs




Earth-Heart Growers empowers students to work in the garden, to cook, and to develop their creative mind to promote healthy life styles and aspire to a life of greater opportunity. Our program unites the community by establishing long-lasting relationships between schools, farmers and the community. It also encourages innovation and resilience to maximize achievement and life quality in populations that are known to face daily housing insufficiency, insecurity, unemployment or underemployment, medical poverty, lack of nearby grocery stores and often lack of hope. Our Programs motivate children to learn while encouraging their parents, community, and family members to support their success at school while accessing resources that directly improve their lives.


School garden growers

Students receive science instruction, learning about sustainability, agriculture, biology, botany, astronomy and more. Our aim is to cultivate a beautiful future rooted in the hearts of our very own children.

Chef volunteers with “fun Pan”

Fun Pan is a culinary program where the students learn to cook and create meals with the produce they grow at the school or the produce received in the Healthy Basket.

Earth Heart growers teacher training

EHG Organic Teacher Training, in partnership with MUSC Urban Farm, is designed for anyone that would like to teach children in a garden: teachers, teacher assistants, parents and/or garden volunteers are welcome.


Healthy Basket csa + Kids market

The Healthy Basket allows families to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce locally grown and delivered directly to their homes by their children. The CSA, managed, packaged and conveniently distributed at the schools by the students, is made available at the lowest cost possible.




Joseph Fields Farm


Joseph Fields Farm is a 50-acre, certified organic fruit and vegetable farm located on the fertile John’s Island of Charleston, South Carolina. The land is stewarded by Joseph Fields, a third-generation Gullah-Geechee farmer whose heart is as large as his harvest. In tending his land, Joseph and his family live by the basic principles of work hard, love deeply, and care for the land and thy neighbor.

“Farm to School” programs offer children the opportunity to experience great tasting, farm-fresh produce. They benefit from a closer connection between their food and local agriculture. The more a child is involved with healthy food—either through eating fresh fruit, gardening, cooking or other “real life” food experiences—the more he or she will adopt healthy eating behaviors as a lifelong practice.”
— Bylander, Alexis. 2011 - Fresh from the Farm