The Mindful Seed


5 DSS Hours | $2,000 = Up to 15 people *$100 Additional participants

Meditation and other mindfulness practices are now more popular in school systems around the U.S.

Studies has shown the benefits of adding mindfulness practices in the classroom. By using different mindfulness exercises students are more likely to build empathy, kindness and self-control, reducing anxiety, stress and depression while building attention and concentration skills that helps students with behavior issues and ADHD.

Earth Heart Growers “The Mindful Seed” workshop is designed to provide teachers and parents with different mindful tools, to practice in their daily lives, and share with their students and children at school and at home.

By simply practicing being in the present we all become more conscious of our actions and our feelings, creating a window that allow us to have a better understanding of ourselves and developing self-regulation and a more peaceful environment. Students also are more likely to build healthier relationship between peers and adults.

The time is now and is in our hands to support the healthy psychological development of our youth! For more information e-mail us at

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