Education Programs


Our Vision is to create a strong bridge between schools and local farms, educating and empowering youth to build a self-sustainable community. Our programs address the educational deficits of children that continue the cycle of intergenerational poverty in our most challenged communities. Earth Heart Growers provides both a fully integrated curricular and programmatic resource, focused on improving the academic, social/emotional, and nutritional well-being of our most at-risk children. We offer a hands - on experience that deepens the understanding of academic concepts and contributes to physical well-being. We are also working alongside other local non-profit organizations in efforts to help the ecosystem and the Charleston native environment, developing community awareness and increasing participation in our students and families.


In-School Garden

Growing Gardeners

Earth Heart Growers offers a garden curriculum that reaches students from three years of age through adolescence. Students learn to grow their own food and understand the food cycle from seed to plate to composting. Ninety-five percent of the produce is grown by the children from seed, allowing them to see the full process and understand the different seasons for growing and planting. They also learn to identify the proper time for harvest.




Mindful Seed

Earth Heart Growers “mindful seed” workshop is designed to provide teachers and parents with important mindful tools, to practice in their daily lives, and share with their students and children at school and at home.



Adolescents on the Farm

EHG Middle School students receive farming instruction and agricultural education from local farmer, Joseph Fields. Through hands-on experience, adolescents have the opportunity to participate in farming work including planting, harvesting, weeding and cooking using farm grown produce. The students complete various building projects to support farm education, such as, composting systems, benches, tables and other items.



Fun Pan

Local chefs volunteer their time to partner with local students and teachers to teach healthy eating and cooking options. It is an opportunity for students to learn valuable cooking skills and use the produce they grow within their own school garden and local CSA program.


Farm-to-table csa

The Healthy Basket

The Healthy Basket allows families to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce locally grown and delivered directly to their homes by their children. The CSA, managed, packaged and conveniently distributed at the schools by the students, is made available at the lowest cost possible.



outdoor classroom

Building Gardens

Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome to help us prepare for the school year ahead with garden beds.



herbal education

DIY Herbal Crafts

SC Herbal Society Partners with EHG local students to educate and craft with herbal home remedies, such as, teas, tinctures, natural dyes, and more.



youth market

Hand-Made Soaps

Youth learn how to design, run, and sell their own hand made goods in a seasonal youth market held within their school. This is a great opportunity to teach important life skills while also encouraging creativity.